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Austrian Journal of Forest Science is a peer-reviewed journal of forest science. It covers all aspects of forest research, ranging from basic to applied subjects. The journal carries original research articles and publishes also more extensive research articles.

The journal is published by the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences and the Federal Research and Training Centre for Forests, Natural Hazards and Landscape.

ISSN 0379-5292

Volume 2018

Austrian Journal of Forest Science/Centralblatt für das gesamte Forstwesen - Issue 3, 2018

Issue 4/2018

  • The role of native species of Quercus brantii and Crataegus aronia in soil reinforcement in Zagros forests
    Tahereh Heidarian, Farhad Ghasemi Aghbash, Iman Pazhouhan PDF »
  • Testing non-linear height-diameter functions for three native trees of Greece on ICP forests Level II plots
    Koulelis Panagiotis, Daskalakou Evangelia, Michopoulos Panagiotis PDF »
  • Optimal rotation age of Populus deltoides considering economic value of timber harvesting and carbon sequestration
    Tooba Abedi, Soleiman Mohammadi Limaei, Amir Eslam Bonyad, Javad Torkaman PDF »
  • Provenance variation in growth, stem-form, and wood basic density of 24-year-old Liriodendron
    Wenting Pan, Jianjun Sun, Xin Xia, Ru Liu, Xiaoyu Wu, Yueqiao Li PDF »