Volume 2012

Issue 3-4/2012

Rudolf Frauendorfer †
Walter Sekot PDF »

Analysis of tree measurement errors in the Austrian National Forest Inventory
Ambros Berger, Thomas Gschwantner, Karl Gabler† and Klemens Schadauer PDF »

Seed recalcitrant behavior of Iberian Quercus: a multispecies comparison
Roberto L. Salomón, Zaida Lorenzo, María Valbuena-Carabaña, Juan L. Nicolás, Luis Gil PDF »

Analysis of factors influencing cluster establishment in the Timok forest area in Serbia
Dragan Nonic, Jelena Nedeljkovic, Nenad Rankovic, Marko Marinkovic, Predrag Glavonjic, Gerhard Weiss PDF »

Fire size/frequency modelling as a means of assessing wildfire database reliability
Eastaugh CS. and Vacik H. PDF »

Assessment of the effective factors on sawn wood import in Iran
Ajang Tajdini, Amir Mollahassani, Mehran Roohnia, Ahmad Jahan Latibari PDF »

Issue 2/2012

ELENA – a methodological approach for the long term monitoring of natural regeneration in natural forest reserves dominated by Norway Spruce (Vaccinio-Piceetea)
Herwig Ruprecht, Harald Vacik, Herfried Steiner und Georg Frank PDF »

Effects of silver and zinc-oxide nanoparticles on gas and liquid permeability of heat-treated Paulownia wood
Maryam Ghorbani, Malihe Akhtari, Hamid Reza Taghiyari, Amin Kalantari PDF »

Acidification and Nitrogen Eutrophication of Austrian Forest Ecosystems
Stefan Smidt, Robert Jandl, Thomas Dirnböck, Franz Mutsch, Alfred Fürst, Harald Zechmeister, Heidi Bauer PDF »

Issue 1/2012

Assessing the Carbon Flux Dynamics within Virgin Forests: The Case Study 'Babia hora' in Slovakia
Katarína Merganicová, Jan Merganic, Hubert Hasenauer
Ppages: 1 - 21 PDF »

Evaluation of the individual tree growth model Prognaus
Sonja Vospernik und Otto Eckmüllner
Pages: 22 - 55 PDF »

Vole damage to planted tree regeneration conditioned by some environmental factors
Josef Suchomel, Luboš Purchart, Marta Heroldová, Miloslav Homolka, Jirí Kamler, Emil Tkadlec
Pages: 56 - 67 PDF »