Volume 2015

Austrian Journal of Forest Science/Centralblatt für das gesamte Forstwesen - Heft 4, 2015

Issue 4/2015

  • Estimating the Import Demand Function for Paper and Paperboard Products in Iran
    Ajang Tajdini PDF »
  • European Ash (Fraxinus excelsior L.) Dieback: Disintegrating forest in the mountain protected areas, Czech Republic
    Stanislav Vacek, Zdenek Vacek, Daniel Bulušek, Tereza Putalová, Murat Sarginci, Otakar Schwarz, Petr Šrutka, Vilém Podrázský, W. Keith Moser PDF »
  • Increment allocation along the stem axis of dominant and suppressed trees in reaction to drought – results from 123 stem analyses of Norway spruce, Scots pine and European beech
    Tobias Mette, Wolfgang Falk, Enno Uhl, Peter Biber, Hans Pretzsch PDF »
  • High Mortality in Tree of Heaven Plantation Experiment in Eastern Austria
    Elisabeth Pötzelsberger, Hubert Hasenauer PDF »
Austrian Journal of Forest Science/Centralblatt für das gesamte Forstwesen - Issue 3, 2015

Issue 3/2015

  • Static life table and growth analysis of seedlings of Juglans mandshurica in Xinjiang, China
    Wei Zhang, Yunfei Yang, Jiandong Li PDF »
  • Phytosociology and nature conservation value of thermophilous oak forests in a South Hungarian karst area
    László Erdős, Andrea Dénes, Dolly Tolnay, Martin Magnes, Zoltán Bátori, Csaba Tölgyesi, Balázs Kevey PDF »
  • Genetic variability of phenological forms in selected provenances of Norway spruce of IPTNS-IUFRO 1964/68 experiment test in Poland
    Katarzyna Masternak PDF »
Austrian Journal of Forest Science/Centralblatt für das gesamte Forstwesen - Heft 2, 2015

Issue 2/2015

  • Quantifying edible biomass on young Salix caprea and Sorbus aucuparia trees for Cervus elaphus: estimates by regression models
    Jozef Pajtík, Bohdan Konôpka PDF »
  • The role of shelterwood cutting and protection against game browsing for the regeneration of silver fir
    Stanislav Vacek, Daniel Bulušek, Zdenek Vacek, Lukáš Bílek, Otakar Schwarz, Jaroslav Simon, Václav Štícha PDF »
  • Die Erfassung der Bereitstellung von Nicht-Holzprodukten und Dienstleistungen in den Testbetriebsnetzen der „DACH-Region“
    Philipp Toscani, Walter Sekot, Erhard Ungerböck PDF »

Issue 1/2015

  • Biomass functions and expansion factors for young trees of European ash and Sycamore maple in the Inner Western Carpathians
    Bohdan Konôpka, Jozef Pajtík, Vladimír Šeben PDF »
  • Fixed cost and their significance for economic appraisal in forestry
    W. Sekot, P. Toscani, D. Mutenthaler, W. Grabmair PDF »
  • Analyzing the effects of salvage on timber price in a reforested region with plantations in the Iberian Peninsula
    Álvarez-Diaz, M., González-Gómez M. and Otero Giráldez, M.S.; University of Vigo PDF »